Places to play: a guide for small ensembles and solo musicians near Dayton

As an amateur music performer, I am always wondering where in the world I can play guitar. I don’t like bars and loud music, so this takes my opportunities down to fewer than a handful of places. But if you look closely and keep a list of where performers are playing, perhaps I might find more places than I anticipated. If you are a solo music performer or small ensemble in the greater Dayton, OH region and you’ve performed somewhere unusual that isn’t a bar, please feel free to submit your locations in the comments below. As I find more locations I will add them to my list so check back often.

Blanket Concert Series at Smith Gardens in Oakwood, Ohio

Dayton Art Institute Concert Series

Palermo’s Restaurant

Saxby’s in Oakwood


Starbucks on 725 opposite the Dayton Mall

Whole Foods Market Dayton at 1050 Miamisburg Centerville Rd
Dayton, Ohio

Other Possible Sources

  1. Retirements homes
  2. Daycares
  3. Schools
  4. Libraries

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