Library Tech Journals

I recently did an informal twitter survey of my fellow techie librarians, asking what journals they read. Below is the bounty of scholarship they shared. Thanks to everyone who responded.

Pandora: part 3

One new aspect we will explore which Pandora does not work well with, is that tempo plays a large parts in the overall feel of a song. For instance when I put into Pandora that I want to listen to one type of musician that is most known for slow songs, when I get a…

Pandora part 2

Pandora, like any Internet database is only as good as its ability to return the information that you want. Let’s take a look at information that Pandora is really good at retrieving versus the types of information that Pandora is not good at retrieving. For starters Pandora is really good at retrieving Bela Fleck. It…

Pandora as a catalogue: an analysis

What if libraries designed a library catalogue as if it were Pandora; the music service? This shall be our first exploration. Check back for updates.