Pandora part 2

Pandora, like any Internet database is only as good as its ability to return the information that you want. Let’s take a look at information that Pandora is really good at retrieving versus the types of information that Pandora is not good at retrieving. For starters Pandora is really good at retrieving Bela Fleck. It knows the style and attributes of Bela Fleck, the banjo player, and it is really good at finding similar music. But there are a lot of things that Pandora does not do well. One thing that Pandora does not do well is use the title of a station as an indicator of the type of information that the user is trying to receive. Let me explain. If I name a station, for instance Johan Sebastian Bach, Pandora will assume based on its design, that all songs by Johan Sebastian Bach are similarly created equal. Based on the station title of Johann Sebastian Bach Pandora knows exactly what to do with it because it knows that Johann Sebastian Bach is an artist and composer and it will find other music by Johann Sebastian Bach. But if you name a station after something that is not an artist or is not a song Pandora knows little about what to do with it. In the next post I will take a look at an example of the station that I created in Pandora that I’ve had a lot of difficulty with getting Pandora to know exactly what to do with it and we’ll see why exactly it doesn’t know what to do with this station.